The ZBD Mattress

The World's First CBD-Infused Mattress

Introducing ZBD Bed. The world's first team to integrate hemp-based CBD with the foundation of a good night's sleep:

CBD Infused Mattress

How much CBD is in our bed?

CBD is infused into the mattress cover using micro-encapsolation. There is 48mg of CBD in each microcapsule and 12 grams of microcapsules are applied to the fabric of the mattress per square meter.

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What's Inside:

A 3 Layer Core

1. Top layer keeps you cool and comfortable with temperature-responsive technology

2. Transition layer prevents you from feeling your partner's movements while you sleep

3. Base layer supports so you can sleep in comfort for years to come

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Our Goal: Connecting CBD & Sleep

A good night's sleep shouldn't break the bank. We combine the science behind CBD & sleep to help you wake up well-rested.

Fans of ZBD Bed

A photo of Joe & Melissa Gorga on their ZBD Mattress.

Melissa & Joe Gorga - Reality TV Stars

We gave Melissa and Joe the first ZBD Bed for their new home! See their review here.

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Elisa Spitz - Olympic Figure Skater

We sent Elisa, former Olympics figure skater, a ZBD mattress. Click to read her review.

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Mickey Gall - UFC Fighter

Mickey Gall got a ZBD Mattress and let us know how much he liked it. Read his review here.

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