How important is the proper pillow for a good night’s sleep?

It is widely agreed upon that a good night’s sleep is the fundamental part to a successful day. Without a good night’s sleep, you may feel sluggish, unproductive, unmotivated, depressed, and even physically sick. One way to ensure that you have a good night’s sleep is by choosing the proper pillow. Everybody’s pillow needs are different, so take these tips into consideration while choosing the correct pillow for you.

Negative effects of a bad pillow

There are a lot of reasons why a good pillow is important to have. If you have preexisting health conditions, no matter how severe they are, a bad pillow can make these worse. If your head isn’t resting properly, your neck pain can get worse, your breathing can become less effective, and numbness in limbs can become prevalent. Bad pillows can also damage your spine, neck, shoulders, and critical muscles. A pillow’s purpose is to keep these essential parts aligned and protected, and if it doesn’t do that job there can be unfortunate outcomes.

In addition to its effect on health conditions, a bad (or old) pillow can worsen allergies. A pillow collects many things throughout the night including dust, hair, skin cells, mold, etc. Even if you have a strong immune system, these can have a negative affect on your sleep and body as a whole. Depending on the material inside them, pillows should be replaced between 18 months-3 years of purchasing them. But even if you replace your pillow due to these allergens, you still may be choosing the wrong one for your sleep pattern and posture.  

Choosing the proper pillow

The first thing you must take into consideration when choosing a new pillow is the way you sleep. Do you sleep on your back, stomach, or side(s)? There are different options for each of those. Back sleepers and stomach sleepers should consider a flatter pillow to support their head and spine especially well, while side sleepers should get a firm contoured pillow.

Another factor that should be considered while picking a new pillow is the filler inside the pillow. There are many different types of filler including synthetic down, memory foam, wool, cotton, latex, among others. Each of these has their positives and negatives including how long they last, if they contain allergens, and how much heat they retain. Depending on your preference, any of these could be a good choice for your next pillow that will help improve your sleep.       

CBD in pillows

In addition to the importance of choosing the correct pillow for your sleeping posture as well as the material for your pillow, there are other potential factors to consider. Topical infusion has become more popular than ever in pillows and looks to continue in the future. These products have been received very well and have been known to improve the owner’s quality of sleep.

ZBD Bed has recently launched their innovative ZBD Pillow, a CBD-infused hypoallergenic pillow. Made with visco noodle memory foam, the pillow is also anti-bacterial and long lasting. Infused with CBD microcapsules, the pillow spreads CBD isolate through the fabric and onto your body as you sleep. All it takes is a little friction to activate the CBD’s effects. The pillow’s pure CBD can help alleviate pain, anxiety, sleeping disorders, and overall improve your sleep. The ZBD Pillow is available now on