How our CBD pillow helps you relax

At ZBD Bed, we are all about comfort. We make products that help you maximize your comfort and relaxation, with the help of the amazing chemical CBD. Our products include CBD-infused mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows, and more. You can learn more about these incredible products via the links and by reading through our blog section.

One of our standout products, and one that our customers absolutely love, is our CBD-infused pillow. Our CBD-infused pillow is known for its superior construction that enhances relaxation, but you are probably wondering how it really works and if it will actually help you relax. Here is some more information on how our CBD pillow helps you relax.

Can CBD help with relaxation?

As we have discussed a few times before, CBD excels in optimizing relaxation. The chemical interacts with the user’s brain to create a calming effect that puts the mind and body at ease. CBD is often used as a treatment for disorders, both mental and physical, and the results show that it does help with relaxation. CBD allows temporary relief from stress and causes relaxation, making it one of the fastest growing medical treatments.

We can tell you about the wonderful effects of CBD all day, but in the end it is something that you must try for yourself to see if it really has this relaxation effect on you. Numerous studies have been conducted about CBD and its relaxation capabilities, and there are more studies running constantly that aim to discover more about the chemical. If you are still skeptical about CBD’s relaxation potential, we urge you to give our CBD-infused pillow a try.

How the ZBD Pillow helps promote relaxation

From the moment your head touches the ZBD Bed CBD-infused pillow, the relaxation effects begin. Our pillow is made with high-quality Visco Noodle memory foam technology for the most comfortable cushioning possible. Similar to our other CBD-infused products, the ZBD Pillow is encapsulated with our pure CBD isolate that comes in microcapsules. The ZBD Pillow is long-lasting and you will get our quality CBD many times over as it is encapsulated straight into the fabric of the pillow.    

Upon laying your head on the pillow, the friction causes these microcapsules to burst. The capsules release a small amount of our CBD isolate which is absorbed through your skin. Everyone’s body is different, so there is no set time before the CBD starts kicking in to help you relax. There is also not a set time for how long the CBD will keep you relaxed, but as you move around on the pillow more CBD will be released and absorbed by your body. This increased CBD absorption can lead to the chemical helping you stay relaxed throughout the night as you rest.

Besides the fact that our pillow helps you relax, it also helps you stay asleep! Many have trouble staying asleep throughout the entire night, but the ZBD Pillow makes those worries a thing of the past. Be sure to set your alarm clock because you are not going to want to leave your ZBD Pillow in the morning! Before you know it you will be clamoring to get back into bed and cuddle up on your CBD-infused pillow.

It’s time to get your own pillow

If you are ready to take the leap and try the ZBD Pillow, we are here for you! Visit the product page and contact us with any questions that you have. We would be happy to let you know the ins and outs of CBD and our technology.