Is CBD an alternative medicine?

CBD, chemically known as cannabidiol, is one of the chemicals that comes from the cannabis plant. As compared to its fellow popular chemical THC (short for tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is becoming more widely accepted as something that can be used for health benefits as a medicine. While it can be used for medical purposes as well, THC causes you to feel “high” while CBD does not and also has medical properties.   

We’ve all heard of and been apart of the major push for the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use, but you may not know is that CBD (which derives from the marijuana plant) is already legal in some form in every state and used as a treatment for many ailments. There has been discussion about whether CBD can be considered an alternative medicine. This debate is growing so you may be curious as to what an alternative medicine is. Here is an explanation of what alternative medicine is and if CBD can be considered one.

What is an alternative medicine?

To put it simply, an alternative medicine is any practice that tries to heal you as traditional medicine would but without proof that it is actually effective in healing you. These methods often lack scientific testing and results to back their promises up. Other terms for alternative medicine include holistic medicine, complementary medicine, integrated medicine, and integrative medicine. If you hear any of these terms, they are referring to the practice of alternative medicine.

There are many types of alternative medicine practices including traditional, body, diet, herbs, external energy, and mind. Well-known forms of alternative method include acupuncture, homeopathy, tai chi, yoga, herbal medicine, reiki, and meditation. These certain types of alternative medicine have been practices for centuries across the world, so many believe that they really do work. It is up to you to try them out for yourself and see if they help you the way that they are supposed to.  

Is CBD an alternative medicine?

Now here is the big question: with all these different types of alternative medicines out there, is CBD an alternative medicine too? The answer is a little complicated; it is a yes and no. Technically physicians are allowed to prescribe CBD as a medication, but they rarely do right now due to the lack of research on CBD compared to prescription pills. They aren’t fully sure of all the side effects that could come with it, so they choose to go with more thoroughly tested treatments.

The case for CBD being an alternative medicine is a big one. This is true because as we have written about before, users have reported on the many conditions that they have successfully used CBD to treat and are amazed at the results. Some uses that CBD users have discovered include anxiety treatment, depression treatment, inflammation relief, heart health, and acne control. All these applications and many more are currently being tested so we cannot confirm how effective they actually are for treatment. That is how the alternative method argument comes into play; more research is needed before the majority of health professionals will stand by CBD as a legit “miracle drug” with a wide range of uses.

When looking for treatment for a condition, many may consider using CBD simply because of its affordable price compared to over the counter options. The alternative medicine industry is rising in stock thanks to CBD and its many benefits, and this will cause the pharmacy industry to consider alternative medicines as a real option rather than a joke. Look for CBD to become even more popular as a medical treatment as research continues to roll in.

Curious about CBD?

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