The latest CBD research: what is going on in the industry

As CBD continues to gain popularity in our everyday lives, it is still being tested for new purposes. The potential of this “miracle chemical” seems limitless and every company wants to take advantage of it in order to help their customers. With so much potential still untapped, clinical trials and research are constantly being done on CBD. New products are already being developed based on research that is currently being done in an effort to be the first to capitalize on the chemical’s new effects.

At ZBD Bed, we think it is important for our customers to know what is happening in the CBD industry. ZBD Bed takes all of the research developments surrounding CBD seriously and considers them as we are continuously improving our sleep products. Here is a roundup of the latest CBD research that will give you a better idea about what the chemical can potentially do for us in the future.

Latest CBD research

Cannabinoid receptors perception and processing of CBD

The key to how CBD can actually help treat chronic diseases is all in our brain’s cannabinoid receptors. Currently, we understand that CBD hits these receptors and is perceived and processed. This ultimately leads to CBD helping our conditions, but we are still doing research to understand how exactly the CBD interacts with our receptors. Once this interaction is figured out, it opens the door to much more research on other conditions that CBD will be able to assist in treating. These studies also focus on how CBD affects the brain’s production of dopamine, a very important chemical in our bodies. Research on these topics is currently ongoing with no definite end date.

CBD as a treatment for behavior problems in children with Autism

CBD as a behavioral treatment drug for Autism and other conditions is a hot topic in the latest CBD research trials that are being conducted by the University of California, San Diego. This is because, according to the study, there are few treatments that can help with the behavior problems that stem from autism. The reason that researchers believe that CBD may help with violent behaviors associated with autism is due to its effectiveness in treating children with epilepsy. An FDA approved CBD oral medicine called Epidiolex is being used to treat the autistic patients, while others will take a placebo and undergo evaluations. This study started in June 2020 and is expected to be completed at the end of 2021.

CBD in helping prevent burnout and distress in front-line healthcare workers

COVID-19 has affected nearly everyone in some way or another. Those that are front-line healthcare workers have had an exceptional toll taken on them due to the nature of their work. This study aims to evaluate the effects of CBD on healthcare workers for reducing stress during this unprecedented time. It is being conducted at a hospital in Brazil for four weeks. Each healthcare worker that wishes to participate is given 300mg of CBD daily for 28 days in an effort to measure stress levels. CBD has been known to help alleviate stress, but this study aims to see how fast it can act in reducing stress. The study began in June 2020 and will end at the end of September 2020.

More of the latest CBD research

With a topic as big as CBD, these are not all of the latest CBD research that is happening right now. If you want to learn more about CBD and its potential applications in the future, check this wonderful resource out. ZBD Bed is committed to using the best quality CBD in our products that will help you with a variety of ailments. Give us a try today!