The perfect ZBD Bed mattress for each sleep position

Imagine that you have finally decided to choose a ZBD Bed CBD-infused mattress as your new mattress for the foreseeable future. You are very excited about the prospect of finally trying CBD to treat your chronic conditions. At ZBD Bed, we use only the best mattresses that are infused with our heavily tested CBD isolate microcapsules. Another cause of excitement besides the CBD is the high-quality mattress that you will be receiving. But before you purchase your ZBD Bed CBD-infused mattress, you have to consider something else: your sleep position(s).

As with any mattress purchasing decision, you must consider what firmness option will suit you the best. Everyone has a different way or ways that they prefer to sleep, whether that be on their stomach, side, back, or a combination of the three throughout the night. This is an important decision especially if you plan to keep your ZBD mattress until it wears out. In this post, we will be explaining each of the three different sleep positions and which of our ZBD Bed CBD-infused mattress firmness options are best for you based on your sleep position(s).

Back sleepers

Although it is not the most common sleep position, back sleeping is very common. Like the rest of the sleep positions, back sleeping has its positives and negatives. The biggest negative effect of the back-sleeping position is the possibility of lower back pain. Back-sleeping can also activate your snoring or sleep apnea. It is very important to consider these factors if you enjoy sleeping on your back.

Not to worry, there are also positives for sleeping on your back! Some of these positives include keeping your head, neck, and spine in a natural position. This will give you a smaller chance of experiencing neck pain. You can also elevate your head with a pillow to cradle your neck even more.

Best ZBD mattress for back sleepers: 12in CBD-Infused Firm Mattress

The best ZBD mattress for a back sleeper is our 12-inch firm model. This model is the best for a back sleeper because of the support that it provides for the spine and neck. Being that this model is firm, you have less of a chance of sinking into the mattress. By sinking into the mattress, your neck and spine may bend in ways that could cause back pain. No need to worry about that as a back sleeper with our comfortable firm mattress!  

Stomach sleepers

Stomach sleepers are the least common type of sleepers out there. According to, only 7% of people prefer this sleep position. This position can often cause you to wake up with pain due to the way that your body must contort to successfully get into the position. While this position may help you get rid of your snoring problem, it can cause other problems to flair up.

Unlike the back-sleeping position, the stomach-sleeping position does not keep your neck and spine in a natural position. You must turn your head to the side to breath throughout the night, which can cause intense neck pain. Stomach sleeping can be a tricky position to master, but it pays off with the proper mattress and sleep practices.   

Best ZBD mattress for stomach sleepers: 12in CBD-Infused Firm Mattress

The best mattress for a stomach sleeper is, yet again, our 12-inch firm model. Our justification for including this model again is simple: stomach sleepers, due to the stress on their neck and spine, need a firm mattress. If you go with a plush mattress, you could do serious damage to your spine and cause ongoing problems. Unless you plan on changing your sleeping position, it is best to go with our 12-inch CBD-infused firm mattress.   

Side sleepers

In contrast to the other two positions, side sleepers are by far the most common. Side-sleeping is often known for being beneficial for those who snore heavily. The position has may other positives as opposed to only a few prominent negatives. More positives of side-sleeping include positive effects on your brain and an aligned spine. Some negative effects of side-sleeping include potentially getting wrinkles early and the extra pressure that is put on your hips. This position is popular for a reason, so here is the best mattress for it!

Best ZBD mattress for side sleepers: 12in CBD-Infused Plush Mattress

Our plush mattress finally makes an appearance! This mattress is the best choice for side sleepers for various reasons. The number one reason we recommend this mattress to side sleepers is because it can take pressure off your hips while you sleep. If you sleep on your side on a mattress that is too firm, you may wake up with hip pain which can also lead to lower back pain. This is a thing of the past with our CBD-infused plush mattress, so be sure to check it out today!