Tips for first time CBD-infused product users

Imagine this: lately you have been hearing about a new chemical called CBD, or Cannabidiol. You are not sure what it does or what the purpose of taking it is, but you are curious. You read more into it but are still nervous to try it. You know that it comes from the Cannabis plant and that makes you apprehensive. You do not want to become “high” after using this new so-called medicine. Hunting for resources on first time CBD use sounds like a good idea, and you discover that it is a medical treatment for various conditions. You become more open to the idea of trying it, but you need more confirmation.   

If any of these sound like you, you have nothing to fear. At ZBD Bed, we are CBD experts and create a variety of perfectly safe CBD-infused products including mattresses, pillows, and mattress toppers. It is understandable that you may be nervous before trying this natural chemical for the first time as it is a fairly new treatment. We have some tips for those who are interested in trying CBD or CBD-infused products for the first time.

Tips for safe and smart CBD-infused product use

Buy from an authorized dispensary/store

Being that CBD is a product that has gained huge popularity in recent years, many stores and individuals are selling it. CBD, in some forms, is legal in nearly all US states and some other countries. However, that does not mean you should buy it from anyone other than a licensed dispensary or store. When you buy from an authorized store, you know without a doubt that what you are getting is pure CBD and not a mixture of other chemicals. CBD can also be prescribed by physicians in many states, so make sure you are the only one picking up your prescription as it is considered a medical treatment.  

Take it in a way you are comfortable with

You have probably noticed that CBD can be found in many products in common stores. CBD comes in oil tinctures, snacks, topical treatments, vapes, and much more. If you are trying CBD for the first time, consider what method of application is most comfortable for you. The fastest way for CBD to enter your bloodstream is through smoking or vaping it, but other methods do the trick with a little longer waiting period. CBD-infused edibles such as snacks and drinks are a pleasant way to take your CBD if you are nervous about smoking or consuming the oil. Topical treatments such as lotions, sprays, or lip balm are also popular but may take much longer before you see any effects.  

Start with a small amount

The amount of CBD that you should take really depends on the method you are taking it with. This is because the different CBD-infused products out there have varying concentrations of the chemical, some much stronger than others. Depending on how much you take and your body composition, taking too much CBD may cause side effects including nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, and drowsiness. According to Healthline, CBD is usually tolerated very well by the body but extremely high doses may possibly cause these side effects. If you feel that the CBD is not doing anything, do not just take another dose. It is best to wait a few hours for the amount you took to take effect, depending on the method you used.

Use it for an actual medical reason

As with any medical treatment, it is best to only use CBD if you have a reason to do so. CBD has been used for a while but has exploded in popularity within recent years. Consumers are utilizing it for a variety of ailments including chronic pain, anxiety, arthritis, blood pressure, acne, and so many more. However, there are types of CBD that are being tested for wellness supplements. Keep an eye out for those if you are interested in taking CBD-infused products as a part of your wellness routine in the future.

Check before you use CBD in combination with other medicines

Best practice for taking CBD is making sure that you are allowed to take it before you even purchase it. You should consult your healthcare professional and let them know that you are considering taking CBD and they will advise you if it is safe or not. You will want to consider what other medications you are on and make sure that they will not interfere with one another. As mentioned before, CBD is a chemical that is usually easily tolerated by most people but you never know how it could affect you. CBD is a chemical that is still under heavy testing and will be for some time, so always consult healthcare and CBD professionals before using it.