What's the best way to try ZBD Bed products?

As people learn more about new things, curiosity is something that tends to happen. Many people often get curious about things that they hear about a lot, especially when they are covered on the news or on the internet. One thing that many people hear a lot about these days is CBD and the supposedly miraculous affects that it can have on our bodies. A lot of news outlets and individuals have called the “miracle chemical” a hoax or a scam or have insinuated that it does not actually work like they say it does. When hearing these opinions, it is important to take them with a grain of salt. CBD is something that each person who is interested should try for themselves because it can have varying effects depending on who is taking it.

At ZBD Bed, we make high-quality CBD-infused products with only the best and most pure CBD isolate. We are CBD experts and want to help everyone have the best experience with our products and the chemical in general. That is exactly why we want to talk about which of our ZBD Bed CBD-infused products you should try first, depending on your tolerance and comfort levels. Here are some guidelines for use of our products! Please contact us if you have any more questions because we would love to hear from you.

Try first: ZBD Pillow

If you are looking to take your first journey into the world of CBD and CBD-infused products, our ZBD Pillow is the perfect place to start. Our CBD isolate infused pillow is made of 100% Visco Noodle which is comfortable every time you lay your head on it. Each square meter of the pillow contains 12g of CBD isolate microcapsules that are woven into the fabric. The pillow is very soft and has the immediate calming effects of other CBD products. It is also anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and long-lasting. For its price point, the pillow is top-of-the-line especially with the addition of CBD isolate.

The ZBD Pillow is the perfect place to start your CBD journey because it is a low-risk option. You can purchase the CBD pillow and begin feeling the effects after just a few nights of sleeping with it. And if you end up not liking it, you did not invest that much money or time into it and you could give it to a family member or friend that may have more use for it. For more information about how the ZBD Pillow will help you with common ailments, read through our recent pillow-focused blog post.

Try second: ZBD Mattress Topper

For those that have used and enjoyed the ZBD Pillow, the ZBD Mattress Topper should be your next stop on your CBD journey. Our CBD-infused mattress topper is 2 inches thick and comes in a variety of sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. The mattress topper is made of exceptional memory foam that is microencapsulated with our classic high-quality CBD isolate.

The ZBD Mattress Topper is the natural progression following the use of a ZBD Pillow simply because you get the full body CBD experience that you cannot get with just a pillow. Using the mattress topper allows CBD to be absorbed into your whole body and have better effects rather than if it was just absorbed into your head. We recommend the mattress topper to those that enjoy CBD but are not quite sure if they are ready to make the jump to a full CBD-infused mattress. Learn more about our mattress topper in a recent blog post.    

Try third: ZBD Mattress

It is time for the final step on your CBD sleep product journey with ZBD Bed. Once you have used the ZBD Pillow and ZBD Mattress Topper, you should consider purchasing a ZBD Mattress. Currently, the ZBD Mattress comes in the common 12 inch thickness in firm or plush options. You can get it in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king variations depending on your mattress needs.

If you have made it this far, you are probably a big CBD fan and believer. We hope you have had great experiences with the ZBD Pillow and ZBD Mattress Topper and are thrilled at the chance of you getting your own ZBD CBD-infused mattress! The ZBD Mattress is created with CBD microcapsules that have 48mg of CBD in them. Each square meter of fabric that is used on the mattress has 12g of microcapsules in it. We believe that our mattress will help you with the problems that you face throughout the day and night. It will positively affect you by improving your sleep and comfort. Start your CBD journey today with ZBD Bed!