CBD Frequently Asked Questions

How does the CBD get into the mattress?

The ZBD Bed is made with HEMP-Based CBD and is micro-encapsulated using patented technology. Once the microcapsules are applied to the fabric, they burst through friction (such as lying on the bed) and release the Hemp-based CBD throughout the bed.

Will the CBD travel through sheets?

The CBD isolates will travel through sheets and any night clothes you wear allowing it to absorb into your skin.

Does the CBD infusion contain THC?

The microcapsules contain pure CBD isolate (99%), meaning there is less than 0.2% THC present.

Do you test your CBD?

Yes, the CBD isolates are tested by an independent lab.  Here is the latest Certifcate of Analysis.


How long will the CBD infusion last in the bed?

After testing, results showed when the zippered cover is unwashed 100% of the CBD infusion remains in the cover. After 10 washes the results showed 32% of the CBD remained present in the mattress cover.

What if I wash the cover more than 10 times?

If you no longer feel the effects of your ZBD Mattress, you will soon be able to purchase a new zippered cover with fresh CBD!