ZBD Technology

The ZBD Bed is made with HEMP-Based CBD and is micro-encapsulated using patented technology. Once the microcapsules are applied to the fabric, the microcapsules burst through friction (such as lying on the bed) and release the Hemp-based CBD throughout the bed. This technology allows the isolate to penetrate through one additional layer of fabric, meaning that you don’t have to forgo sheets to enjoy your CBD-infused mattress. 

CBD is infused into the mattress cover using micro-encapsolation. There is 48mg of CBD isolate in each microcapsule and 12 grams of microcapsules are applied to the fabric of the mattress per square meter.  

The ZBD mattress is composed of three layers of foam and an outer fabric cover. The three layers of the foam core offer a pressure-relieving, temperature responsive, cooling, comfort later, a durable, high-density layer to reduce motion when you or your sleeping partner shift in bed, and a durable, high-density supportive base layer to ensure you sleep comfortably in a mattress that will last. 

Everyone loves a good night’s sleep. It’s incredibly important to get enough sleep as it plays a vital role in your physical and mental well-being. Without it, your concentration and productivity will suffer while the risk of depression and other health conditions increases. 

Unfortunately, there are people who have trouble sleeping due to reasons such as chronic pain, stress, or anxiety. As a result, they end up relying on various products to help them get better sleep, some of them being CBD-based. This is why the founders of ZBD Bed decided to develop a CBD-infused mattress that we hoped could help people sleep better. 

If you’re having trouble sleeping due to pain, stress, or anxiety, a CBD-infused mattress may be just what you need, especially if you’ve already tried CBD and liked how it worked for you.