The SilverStandard Adjustable Bed in a bedroom.
A couple sleeps comfortably on their Adjustable Platform Bed.
The SilverStandard Adjustable Bed Frame with the head and feet raised.
Photo showing the optional USB chargers for the SilverStandard Adjustable Platform.
A close-up detail of an adjustable platform bed.
LED Underbed Light
A couple inspects the remote control for their adjustable platform bed.

Silver Standard Adjustable Bed Platform

Regular price $1,195.00

ZBD Bed's Silver Standard Adjustable Bed Platforms are made of seriously sturdy stuff so you don't have to worry about your mattress sinking and sagging down beneath the slats.

Our adjustable bed platforms come in Twin XL, Queen, King, & Split King.

The Silver Standard platform has the smallest package size on the market - you won't have to lug a huge box into your house and into your bedroom, it's up to 75% smaller than all other adjustable platform beds on the market!

Quick & easy assembly - no tools needed!

The Silver Standard platform has lots of awesome functionalities:

  • Head up
  • Foot up
  • Wall-keeping (always reach your nightstand)
  • Bluetooth/App
  • Wireless remote control
    • Adaptive illumination
    • Child Lock
    • Pre-set one-touch-flat button
    • 2 pre-defined (Anti Snore / Zero Gravity) and re-programable memory positions
  • LED underbed light
  • USB ports
  • Wireless sync of 2 beds
  • Emergency lowering
  • Free-fall design
  • Zero-clearance design

The Split King Option is 2 Twin XL-sized beds combined to create a larger bed frame. Your adjustable frame will arrive in 4 packages. We recommend you purchase a King-sized mattress to achieve the best fit.

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Dimensions Recommended Mattress Size
Twin XL 37.2" x 78.7" Twin XL (39" x 80")
Queen 58.3" x 78.7" Queen (60" x 80")
King 74.2" x 78.7" King (76" x 80")
Split King 82.7" x 70.3" Split King (72" x 84")
Size Shipping Dimensions Shipping Weight Product Weight
Twin XL 80"x14"x10"
93 lbs
74 lbs
149 lbs
93 lbs
99 lbs
174 lbs
93 lbs
134 lbs
209 lbs
Split King
2 (80"x14"x10")
2 (40"x20"x7")
2 (93 lbs)
2 (74 lbs)
2 (149 lbs)